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What Your Dermatologist Isn`t Telling

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What Your Dermatologist Isn`t Telling You About This Ancient Australian Secret

T?? Tr?? O?l h?? b??n ???ul?r ?n Au?tr?l?? wh?r? I gr?w u? ?? I h?v? b??n v?r? f?m?l??r w?th th?? m?d???n?l ??l l?ng b?f?r? ?t? r??? t? f?m? h?r? ?n th? Un?t?d St?t??. H??lth ??r? ??????l??t? h?v? b??n ????u??ng ?t? b?n?f?t? du? t? ?t? ?nt?b??t?r??l, ?nt?v?r?l, ?nt?m??r?b??l, ?nt?fung?l ?nd ?nt????t?? ?r???rt???. A? ? r??ult, ?t ?? ?n? ?f th? b??t tr??tm?nt? f?r ??n? seesaa.

Wh?t I? T?? Tr?? O?l?

T?? Tr?? O?l ?? th? ??l fr?m th? l??v?? ?f th? M?l?l?u?? Alt?rn?f?l?? tr?? n?t?v? t? E??t?rn Au?tr?l??. Th? Au?tr?l??n Ab?r?g?n?? w?uld ?ru?h u? th? l??v?? ?nd ?nh?l? th? ??l? t? tr??t r????r?t?r? ?lln?????. Th?? h?v? b??n u??ng th?? ??l m?d???n?ll? f?r th?u??nd? ?f ???r?.

It ?? b???u?? ?f th?se ?r???rt??? th?t T?? Tr?? O?l possess th?t m?k?? ?t th? ??rf??t ??lut??n t? tr??t m?d?r?t? t? ??v?r? ??n? w?th n? ??d? ?ff??t? art reproduction. Stud??? h?v? ?h?wn th?? ??l t? b? ?n ??r w?th 5% b?nz??l ??r?x?d?. B?nz??l ??r?x?d? ?? th? m??t w?ll kn?wn ?nt? ??n? tr??tm?nt but ?t ??n l??v? th? ?k?n ?xtr?m?l? dr?, ?rr?t?t?d ?nd r?d. S?m?t?m?? ?t ??n b? ?? dr??ng th?t ?k?n ?? ?n th? v?rg? ?f ?r??k?ng. It mu?t b? n?t?d h?w?v?r th?t T?? Tr?? O?l w?ll n??d m?r? t?m? t? t?k? ?ff??t th?n b?nz??l ??r?x?d?.

Wh? T?? Tr?? O?l W?rk? F?r A?n?

Th?r? ?r? m?n? und?rl??ng r????n? f?r ??n?:-


Imb?l?n?? ?f h?rm?n?? (th?? ?? wh? t??n? g?t ??n? ?nd w?m?n dur?ng ??rt??n t?m?? ?f th? m?nth)

F??d? w? ??t ??n ?x???rb?t? ??n?

But ??n? ?? ?lw??? ??u??d b? th? ??m? 3 th?ng? f?r ?v?r??n?:

Ex???? ??bum (??l gl?nd? ?r?du?? t?? mu?h ??l)

Ex???? ?k?n ?h?dd?ng (th? ?k?n ??ll? l?n?ng th? f?ll??l? w?ll ?h?d t?? fr?qu?ntl?)

P. ??n?? b??t?r?? (wh??h ?? ?lr??d? ?r???nt ?n ?k?n)

Th??? 3 th?ng? ??mb?n? t? f?rm ? ?lug th?t ?l?g? th? ??r? allure wedding dress 9222. T?? Tr?? O?l w?rk? f?r ??n? b???u?? ?t d????lv?? ??l. Th? ?r?n???l? b?h?nd th?? ?? th?t ?nl? ??l ??n d????lv? ??l. A gr??t ?x?m?l? ?f th?? ?? wh?n ??u ?r? tr??ng t? w??h ?ff ? ?t??k? ?r??? t?g. Th? m?r? ??u tr? ?nd ?l??n ?t w?th d?t?rg?nt th? ?t??k??r ?? b???m??. But wh?n ??u u?? ? ?l?th d????d ?n ??l, ?u?h ?? ?l?v?, ?t d????lv?? ????l?. T?? Tr?? O?l ?ut? thr?ugh th? ??bum ?n ??ur ?k?n, un?l?g? th? ??r?? ?nd k?ll? th? P ootool. ??n?? b??t?r??.

S?f?t? Of T?? Tr?? O?l

Th?? ??l ??n b? t?x?? ?f ?w?ll?w?d ?nd ??n ??u?? ? h??t ?f ??d? ?ff??t? ?n?lud?ng dr?w??n???, ??nfu???n, h?llu??n?t??n?, ??m?, un?t??d?n???, w??kn???, v?m?t?ng ?nd d??rrh??. B?f?r? u??ng th?? ??l ??u ?h?uld ??t?h t??t b? ?utt?ng ? ??u?l? ?f dr??? ?u?t b?h?nd th? ??r. If n? r???t??n ???ur? ?ft?r ?n h?ur, th?n ??u ?r? fr?? t? u?? th?? tr??tm?nt.

T?? Tr?? O?l n??d? t? b? d?lut?d b?f?r? u??ng ?n ?k?n. St?rt b? u??ng h?lf ??l ?nd h?lf w?t?r – ? 50/50 ??lut??n ?nd ??? h?w th?t w?rk?. Y?u ??n th?n ?dd m?r? ?r l??? d???nd?ng ?n ??ur ?r?f?r?n??. In?t??d ?f w?t?r, ?l?? v?r? ??n b? u??d t? d?lut? ?r ?f ??u ?r?f?r m?r? h?dr?t??n tr? u??ng ? ??rr??r ??l l?k? J???b?.

H?w T? U?? T?? Tr?? O?l F?r A?n?

Pl??? ??ur 50% d?lut??n ?n ? ?m?ll b?wl

W??h ??ur f??? w?th ? m?ld ?l??n??r, r?n?? w?th ???l t? luk? w?rm w?t?r ?nd ??t dr?

S?tur?t? ? ??tt?n b?ll w?th th? ??lut??n ?nd ???l? t? ??ur wh?l? f???

L?t ?t dr? ?nd d? n?t r?n??

U?? th?? t?n?r 2x/d?? – ?n th? m?rn?ng ?nd b?f?r? b?dt?m?.

*** Pl???? d????nt?nu? u?? ?f ??u f??l ?n? d????mf?rt. W??h f??? w?th ? m?ld ?l??n?r, ??t dr? ?nd ???l? ? ?m?ll ?m?unt ?f ??l fr?? m???tur?z?r

Au?tr?l??n T?? Tr?? O?l ?? ? ??m?l? th? b??t ??lut??n f?r ??n? ?f ??u w?nt t? g? th? ?ll n?tur?l r?ut?. U??ng th?? n?tur?l t?n?r ?n? t? tw? t?m?? d??l? w?ll h?l? h??l ??ur ??m?l?? wh?l? ?r?v?nt?ng n?w bl?m??h?? fr?m f?rm?ng. Y?u w?ll n??d t? ?x??r?m?nt w?th th? ??rr??t d???g? ?m?unt? th?t ?u?t ??ur ?k?n. M? ?ugg??t?d d?lut??n w?rk? f?r m? but ??u m?? n??d m?r? ?r l??? d???nd?ng ?n th? ??v?r?t? ?f ??ur ??n?. K??? ?n m?nd th?t T?? Tr?? O?l ?? n?t ? qu??k f?x ?nd ?? ?u?h r?qu?r?? ??ur ??t??n??.

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