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Duplicate Email Remover to Get Rid of Duplicate Emails

July 30th, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Duplicate Email Remover to Get Rid of Duplicate Emails by Chapman Ford – Free Articles

Occurrence of duplicate emails in your email profile is not new, there are number of spammers who get into your personal email space and irritate you by sending you the same promotional emails. You receive multiple duplicate email messages for no reasons bcz. In a case of reinstallation of your computer, when you retrieve email messages in your MS Outlook profile, you come across with hundreds of duplicate email messages in your account.

Use of new age gadgets or mobile devices such as Windows Mobiles and other Smart phones also result in the issue of duplicate emails. How? When you synchronize MS Outlook with your mobile, it creates number of duplicate email copies in your account folders. All these duplicate emails prove to be irrelevant but occupy large space in your PST file which makes your Outlook run slow generator.

MS Outlook is not integrated with any specialized functionality to search or delete duplicate emails in a particular folder or in a multiple folder at time. Also, Microsoft doesn’t offer any particular duplicate email remover utility to help you remove duplicate emails. This is why; we often waste our previous time in searching the duplicate emails and then deleting them manually. However, we must avoid any deletion that might just flush away some important email. For this we need to compare every email message carefully. It is time-consuming, tiresome and terrible Fashion slippers.

To delete duplicate emails from Outlook 2010, there is this following method suggested by Microsoft:

1.Firstly choose the folder from which you wish to delete duplicate items

2.Click View tab in Ribbon, click Change View and then click to change the folder view to Table Type view Cheap Recovery Truck.

3.Right-click on column heading and select Field Choose

4.From Field Chooser list, select All fields

5.Now drag the modified field to table heading

6.If the duplicate email items have unique date, then click the Modified heading so as to sort the items by this field

7.Select the first and the last item in the set that you wish to delete by holding down the SHIFT key

8.Press Delete button to delete all the selected items permanently

Although, this is not considered the ideal way to delete the duplicate emails, this is again a hand-picking process to select the duplicate emails and start deleting them. This will prove to be no help for Outlook users as deleting duplicate emails via this method or manually is one or the same thing.

The ideal way to delete duplicate emails here is with the use of

deleted duplicate email tool. This tool is devised especially to delete duplicate emails that threaten to slow down Outlook performance and harm the productivity of a user. You can work out with different criteria using this tool as you can mark duplicate items as expired, move them to Deleted Items folder, flag the Duplicate items and move or copy them to any sub-folder. Moreover, the software offers its user various comparison criteria on which they can compare duplicate items. Download the free evaluation version of this duplicate email remover tool that allows you to simply remove 10 duplicate items per folder goo.

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