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Honeymoon and This Heat?!

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Honeymoon and This Heat?!

What is the next thing that you would wait for after your wedding? Honeymoon? Well, I guess so! Honeymoon is the one holiday which is very important for a newly married couple. After all, it gives them a chance to spend their most precious moments together. But, you need to plan it carefully and well in advance to make the most out of it, because it is the one thing which you will cherish for your lifetime and one thing about which you would talk with your friends and everybody pcsofny. But, where to go in such hot weather is the important question? The temperature is soaring and searching for a place where one can beat the heat as well as which is romantic is something in which a lot of thinking goes and ultimately most of us end-up thinking of some hill station and head towards it. But, is it really that difficult to find a place in the summers? Well, I was looking for some 芒鈧淏eat the Heat芒鈧劉 honeymoon destinations and found some amazing places to go to. I thought it would be good to share, may be it would help you plan your honeymoon. So, if you are planning to go anywhere in India, here are some hot spots to keep yourself cool-

Darjeeling- Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the north-eastern part of India HP ML Tower Server. It is surrounded by lakes, plantations, woods and forests. A walk in this beautiful hill station with your spouse would be the most romantic thing ever. What more do you want when you have all the time in the world to spend peacefully with your special one? This town never disappoints.

Coonor- This place is meant for people who love adventure. It is situated in the Niligris hills. It is a place to go wild and adventurous mori lee julietta wedding dress. It is just 19 kilometres from Ooty. So, instead of going there, why not try this place which is less populated and you will have all the privacy away from the crowd.

Coorg- Coorg is situated amidst the hills and valleys of the Western Ghats of Karnataka. It is full of misty hills and lush forests. Coorg also is a place where you could indulge in adventure sports in any way you want. It offers trekking, golfing, wildlife safaris and much more. So, people who love adventure or want to try something new, I think this is the best place for them.

Cherrapunji- Cherrapunji is located in the state of Meghalaya fashion designer bags. Cherrapunji is the second wettest place on earth and the only place in India which has monsoon all throughout the year. But, it rains mostly at night, so, in the day you can enjoy going out and at night you can enjoy the scenic beauty from your room. It is a world of completely different ambience.

Lavasa- Lavasa offers anything and everything you want. Whether you want to get adventerous or you want to play sports or you want to stay away from the world with your partner or you want to do all of these, this is one place you should go to. It is just 40 kilometres from Pune. It offers a complete adventure package which includes outdoor activities such as zip-line, Burma-bridge, parallel traverse, water sports and much more including peace.

Udaipur- Udaipur is a place which is meant for people, who love, who just want to be with each other and forget the whole world. It is one of the most romantic places. The gardens, the palaces, the mansions are all captivating. It is also known as the 芒鈧淐ity of Lakes.芒鈧劉 If you want to enjoy the natural beauty, then this is the best place to be at.

Lakshadweep- The long stretch of sand, the sound of waves and the cool breeze is just an indication that you are in heaven with someone with whom you promised to spend your whole life with. The beaches are romantic. This place offers you a romantic experience which you will cherish for your lifetime….To read more visit http://ourvivaha

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