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Desi Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark

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Desi Agatha Christie and Mary Higgins Clark are making their mark in the literary world. A dozen or so female writers in the country have been penning down spine chilling, hair raising detective and thriller novels. The English book reading circuit has got itself a whole new batch of femme fatales 2you.
Debutant author Lata Gwalani芒鈧劉s offering 芒鈧淚ncognito芒鈧劉 is a psychological thriller about a woman named Anjali. She is a plain and simple girl whose life changes for the worst after she befriends four individuals. Anjali initially enjoys their company until one day she becomes a mute witness to their plotting of four bizarre murders. Will Anjali be able to set herself free from the grasp of this so called friendship or will get trapped and remain in the tangle forever? This forms the plot of the novel Cheap Best Refuse Truck. Lata Gwalani herself being a behavioral trainer has displayed her ability to deal with the maze that the human mind is with this piece of writing.
Other female Indian authors worth mentioning are Madhumita Bhattacharya who debuted with the 芒鈧淭he Masala Murder芒鈧劉, Swati Kaushal`s 芒鈧淒rop Dead芒鈧劉, Anu Kumar with 芒鈧淚t Takes a Murder芒鈧劉 a psychological thriller set in a hill station. 芒鈧淭he Taj Conspiracy芒鈧劉 is a historical thriller which hovers around the history and the mystery of the beautiful white monument by Manreet Sodhi Someshwar. Kishwer Desai芒鈧劉s 芒鈧淲itness by Night芒鈧劉 won the Costa First Book prize.
The famous Indian writer Anita Nair who has penned fiction and poetry and is a renowned name in the English literary world also debuted in the thriller genres. She made her foray with芒鈧劉 Cut Like Wound芒鈧劉
The foremost amongst these female writers is Kalpana Swaminathan, whose detective Lalli is a favorite amongst many whodunit lovers mori lee voyage 6743 brush cutter. She has come out with 3 books featuring the detective and her latest offering was in mid March called 芒鈧淚 Never Knew it was You芒鈧劉.
The trend of thriller novels by Indian authors getting published in English was initially a trickle. The women writers especially stayed away from this genre concentrating more on romantic sagas, chick lit, novels dealing with coming of age stories, family dramas etc. It was in 2004 that author Manjiri Prabhu released her book 芒鈧淭he Cosmic Clues芒鈧劉 and in 2009, Madhulika Liddle introduced us to her 17th century sleuth Muzaffar Jang in her first book of her series 芒鈧淭he Englishman`s Cameo芒鈧劉. Since then the mystery and thriller genres has picked up pace with the female writers.Rukmani Anandani`s 芒鈧淎 Mysterious Death at Sainik Farms芒鈧劉, Shamini Flint芒鈧劉s 芒鈧淚nspector Singh芒鈧劉, Varsha Dixit芒鈧劉s 芒鈧淩ight Fit, Wrong Shoe芒鈧劉, Bottom of the Heap` by Reeti Gadekar & Black Light` by Rimi B. Chatterjee` are some of the amazing web of mysteries that these authors have spun around their readers.
Many editors feel that overall in the English Literary scene in the country, a number of women writers are entering and have made their mark and crime being a genre which is exciting, intriguing and is lapped up by readers, has seen a burst of these amazing thriller writers. However, publishers say that while an international detective fiction titles sell 50,000 copies in a single edition, its Indian counterpart sells one-tenth of them. The positive side is that the Great Indian Detective club is hard at work to create the magic and to break the barrier and a lot of women writers are at the helm of it russiancyprus.

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